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Duration: 12 weeks

Schedule/Format: Up to 12 weeks of online training, can be completed in as few as 8 weeks. 6 live training sessions, 4 online modules. 8 live recruiter sessions to help with interview and job preparation.

Location: Online

Training Provider: CareerDash

Program Cost: No cost up-front. Start repaying tuition once you land a new job earning at least $40K annually. Payments are $99/month for 36 months, totaling $3564. Scholarships and financial assistance are available.

Jobs Starting At: $33/hr

Minimum Requirements: No experience required.18 or older; High School diploma or equivalent; authorized to work in the U.S.; can read, write and speak in English; strong communication skills; available to work full-time.

Physical Needs / Demands: Ability to sit in front of the computer for long periods of time.

Best-Fit Learner Profile: Ability to communicate effectively and provide clear explations, ability to think on your feet and improvise solutions to client problems, ability to adapt to different individual needs and preferences, ability to learn to use technology, preference for working in a team environment to collaborate and improve through shared best practices.

About Roles in This Field

In this program, you'll learn what is needed to launch a recruiting career that helps others succeed. Learn strategies to match top talent with the right position and network, and how to communicate and connect people to careers that are right for them and meet the company’s or organization’s needs.