Training Costs

Are you fed up with long-term debt? Don't want to wait years to complete a degree before you start earning more? That’s why we select training partners proven to place students in livable wage, high-demand careers – quickly.

BetterOffer features a marketplace of training programs spanning Colorado's high demand industries. Programs have their own enrollment windows, participant requirements, costs, and financial support options. Most have low tuition, and some are even free. 

Can't afford to pay out-of-pocket for tuition? BetterOffer programs are available at zero upfront cost, and for those that would normally charge tuition or offer repayable stipends, interest-free loans are available. These loans are repaid when, and only when, graduates land a job that pays at least $40,000 / year. In the event of job loss or transition, students are not required to make payments during months when they are not actively employed with earnings of at least $40,000 / year.

Want to know exactly how and when you'll pay back a loan, up front? BetterOffer programs make sure students know their repayment schedule and monthly repayment amount upfront, which is customized for affordability by program. For example, a graduating student who lands their new job might pay $150 a month for 3 years to repay a $5,400 loan. Importantly, all loans are completely forgiven after 3-5 years.  

How is this possible? It's a pay-it-forward model.

When students land good jobs and pay back their loans, that money goes toward offering another student an interest-free loan. In this way, successful students 'pay forward' their opportunity to future students.

Want to know more? Job training programs affiliated with BetterOffer can answer any questions you have about interest-free loans and help you decide if they’re right for you.