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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

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Apply with Denver Health

Career Growth at Denver Health: As a community partner, Denver Health is committed to providing additional support to training-seekers coming through BetterOffer. Feel free to reach to the Denver Health Workforce Development Center at for support.

Duration: 5-9 weeks

Schedule/Format: Evening or daytime classes, full- or part-time, through Denver Health's EMT School. Guaranteed position upon training completion at Denver Health. 

Spring course: Applications open February 1 - March 20. Course runs April 1 - June 12.
Summer courses: Applications open March 1 - May 1. Course runs May 20 - July 24.

Location: Courses take place at Denver Health, University of Denver and Metropolitan State University

Training Provider: Denver Health EMT School

Program Cost: Free (tuition covered by Denver Health). Training cost is made possible by Denver Health and unique to this opportunity. Note that website lists standard costs for the course, which will not apply to you. 

Jobs Starting At: $20/hr

Minimum Requirements: HS Diploma / GED required. BLS for Healthcare Certification (AHA, Red Cross, ASHI accepted: 4-hour training). Background and reference check, drug screen, standard vaccinations required, TB test, authorized to work in the U.S., ability to communicate clearly and maintain effective working relationships. Minimum age 18. Must past NREMT practical exam following training. Must pass a physical exam. Valid drivers license (no recent DUI). A laptop or tablet will be needed for this course. The written (cognitive) NREMT test after course completion is the responsibility of the student. 

Physical Needs / Demands: Clinical and public facing. Highly mobile: constant standing, walking and physical demands. Must be able to stand and walk for long periods of time. Must be able to support, push, and pull 50 pounds.

Best-Fit Learner Profile: Interested in medical field. Likes working other medical professionals to provide excellent patient care. Ability to speak with strong clear voice over the radio, ability to safely operate a vehicle, to document patient contacts (written and computer reporting).

About Roles in This Field

EMTs attend to patients being transported to and from the hospital. This certification can be a pathway to additional certifications for STAR EMT and Paramedic.